Piazza del Quadrato Latina

The Piazza del Quadrato is where the first inhabitants of what is now Latina settled. It is decorated with large statues and a fountain symbolizing the abundance created after the drainage of the swamp.

Piazza del Quadrato Latina

Useful information

Piazza del Quadrato Latina
Piazza del Quadrato

Attractions: Museo della Terra Pontina, fascist sculptures, Fountain.

History and description

The Piazza del Quadrato is the place where Latina actually originated. It is here that what was actually no more than a hamlet was promoted to a city after the draining of the swampy area.

The buildings around this square, which is now on the outskirts of the center, are low and were meant to be ordinary homes and stores. A farmer’s market was held under the porticoes.

The former Opera Nazionale Combattenti building is now the seat of the Museo della Terra Pontina.

The buildings are graced with sculpture groups by the hand of Egisto Caldana. In good Fascist tradition, the Worker is glorified by means of large, massive figures such as the “Sower”, the “Gatherer of Corn” (after the harvest, poor people were allowed to collect the ears of corn left in the field) and the allegory of “Fertility”, with large baskets full of fruit.

Fountain Piazza del Quadrato

In the middle of the square is a fountain with a bronze statue by Pasquale Rizzoli, symbolizing the marsh, freed from the water.

Piazza del Quadrato, Latina

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