Piazza San Cosimato Rome

The Piazza di San Cosimato is named for the church with the same name and is located in the middle of the district of Trastevere in Rome.

Piazza San Cosimato Rome

History and description

San Cosimato church - Piazza San Cosimato Rome
San Cosimato Church

Apart from the San Cosimato Church, which nowadays is incorporated in the Regina Margherita hospital and has a beautiful intimate little courtyard, it does not have too much to offer to the average tourist.

For people with children the square can be a pleasant break from sightseeing duties, since there is a small playground to be found.

Piazza San Cosimato also boasts a small daily market, where the Trasteverini themselves do their shopping.

The surrounding streets are characterized be a great number of interesting little trattorie and pizzerie.

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Piazza San Cosimato – Rome

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