Piazza San Faustino Viterbo

The Piazza San Faustino is a square in the centre of Viterbo. It is connected to Piazza della Rocca by two streets, the Via Amendola and the Via San Faustino. The main attractions in this square are the central fountain and the Church of the Saints Faustino and Giovita.

Piazza San Faustino Viterbo

History and description

Piazza San Faustino Viterbo
Piazza San Faustino Fountain

The center of the Piazza San Faustino is taken up by a large fountain. The creators of this fountain had their names inscribed on their work. Between the lions is written: Iacopo di Andrea e Gemino di Mastro Francesco fecero questa opera.

The fountain was constructed in the 13th century, but was restored and modified many times in the course of the centuries. It consists of a basin with a central structure decorated in relief with lion’s heads and coats of arms. On the top, acanthus leaves enclose a pine cone.

The other main attraction in the square is the 13th century Church of the Saints Faustino and Giovita.

Piazza San Faustino, 17 -  Viterbo
Piazza San faustino, n.17

Nowadays, a daily fruit and vegetable market is held in the Piazza San Faustino, which is further framed by several attractive buildings.

Piazza San Faustino, Viterbo

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