Piazza San Lorenzo Florence

The Piazza di San Lorenzo in Florence is named after the San Lorenzo Basilica, which is characterized by its huge dome. This square hosts a daily market, formerly famous because of the craftsmanship of the goods on offer.

Piazza San Lorenzo Florence

Address and Public Transport

The official address of the square is Piazza San Lorenzo, 1 – 50123 Florence, Italy. Bus: C1.


The basilica where the square is named after exists since the year 393. However, the square was redesigned several times in the course of the centuries.

Piazza di San Lorenzo is framed by palaces built between the 15th and 16th centuries.

The most impressive building, however, is the San Lorenzo Basilica, which until the 17th century served as the cathedral of Florence.

Tourist Attractions Piazza San Lorenzo Florence

San Lorenzo Basilica

The San Lorenzo Basilica was founded in 393 and is probably the oldest church in Florence. Until the 17th century, when the Santa Reparata Church took on this task, it was the cathedral of the city. Donatello is buried in the church, together with some descendants of the Medici family. The famous Medici Chapels are located inside this church.

Osservatorio Ximeniano

The Osservatorio Ximeniano institute, founded in 1756, is located directly opposite the basilica. It is an important meteorological and seismographic centre.

Palazzo Lotteringhi della Stufa

The Palazzo Lotteringhi della Stufa stands on the south-eastern side of the square. On the facade you can see the coat of arms of its owners.

Palazzo Medici-Ricciardi

The Palazzo Medici Ricciardi is one of the most famous historical buildings in the city. It is located on the corner of Piazza di San Lorenzo and Via de’ Gori. Here you can also view the Monument to Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, ancestor of the Medici family.


Piazza di San Lorenzo is the backdrop to a daily (except for Sundays and Mondays) market. This Mercatino di San Lorenzo nowadays has become more of a huge souvenir stand. Originally it was an extension of the nearby Mercato Centrale and the stands were mainly run by traditional craftsmen.

Piazza di San Lorenzo – 50123 Florence

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