Piazza San Lorenzo Viterbo

The Piazza San Lorenzo is a square in Viterbo. It is bordered by two of the main buildings of the city, namely the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Papi. Together with the Piazza del Plebiscito it is the main square of the city.

Piazza San Lorenzo Viterbo

History and description

Piazza San Lorenzo Viterbo
Piazza San Lorenzo, seen from the Loggia delle Benedizioni.

On the left side of the square, when entering it from the Via San Lorenzo, you can see the 13th century residence, well preserved, of Valentino della Pagnotta. What stands out are the large arches and the biforas.

Opposite the Via San Lorenzo is the Cathedral of Viterbo. An Etruscan temple used to occupy this spot. The San Lorenzo Church, which would later become the city’s cathedral, was built on the ruins of this temple.

Churches Viterbo - Cathedral
Cathedral of San Lorenzo

The building on the right side of the square is the Palazzo dei Papi (“Papal Palace”), one of the most famous buildings of the city.

Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo

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