Piazza San Simeone Fountain Rome

The Piazza San Simeone Fountain is one of many fountains designed toward the end of the 16th century in Rome. The archtiect, as usual, was Giacomo della Porta. Initially, the fountain was placed in the Piazza Montanara.

Piazza San Simeone Fountain Rome

Useful information

Piazza San Simeone Fountain Rome
Piazza San Simeone

The address of the Fontana di Piazza San Simeone is Piazzetta San Simeone, snc – Rome. District: Ponte. The fountain can be viewed for free at any time of the day.

History and description

The Piazza San Simeone Fountain was designed by Giacomo della Porta in 1589. It is not very large and less elaborate in its design than most fountains designed by the architect at the time.

After the completion of the Acqua Felice Aqueduct, several fountains were built in the central districts of the city.

The sculptor who implemented Della Porta‘s design was Pietro Gucci.

The fountain originally stood in the now no longer existing Piazza Montanara. This was located at the foot of the Capitol Hill and was demolished by Mussolini in 1932 when the Via del Mare was built.

The fountain consists of a round tub, with a second, smaller tub above it. The higher tub was not added until 1696.

In 1829, the lower tub was replaced with a new one. In the process, the papal coats of arms were also replaced with those of the four Conservatori, the city’s chief magistrates.

In 1932 the entire fountain was moved to the Giardino degli Aranci (“Orange Garden”) on the Aventine Hill.

Since 1973, the fountain has stood in its present location, in the Piazza San Simeone. The monument is located directly in front of the historic Palazzo Lancellotti ai Coronari.

Piazzetta San Simeone, snc – Rome

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