Piazza Scacciaricci Viterbo

The Piazza Scacciaricci is a square along Via San Pellegrino in the San Pellegrino district of Viterbo. It has an unusual history in the sense that its construction was paid for, not by the wealthy, but by the common people of the city.

Piazza Scacciaricci Viterbo

History and description

Piazza Scacciaricci Viterbi
Piazza Scacciaricci

The Piazza Scacciaricci, unlike the squares in the historic center, was not built by wealthy or noble people but by ordinary citizens. For the locals this is a source of pride, so this is commemorated with a plaque on one of the buildings in the square.

In the square there is a house with a profferlo, a medieval staircase leading to an exterior balcony or a loggia, from which one entered the house. Below the staircase there was usually an archway leading to (usually) a store room. The profferlo is an architectural element that was commonly used in Viterbo.

Piazza Scacciaricci, Viterbo

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