Piazza Solferino Turin

Piazza Solferino is an oblong square in Turin. It is located at the end of the Via Pietro Micca. It has been slightly renovated because of the 2006 Olympics. Highlights are the Teatro Alfieri and the 19th century fountain in the center of the square.

Piazza Solferino Turin

Useful information

From Porta Nuova Station turn left into Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. At Corso Carlo Emanuele turn right and, if you continue straight on, you will automatically end up in the Piazza Solferino.

History and description

Until the early 19th century, the Piazza Solferino was called Piazza del Mercato di Legno (“Woodmarket Square”). In those days it was still at the edge of the city.

What to see

Torre Solferino Turin
Torre Solferino

In the center of this square is the fountain Angelica delle Quattro Stagioni, which was made by Barnaba Panizza in 1857.

There is also a monument of Ferdinando Duca di Genova on horseback, which was made by Giovanni Riva in 1877.

The Teatro Alfieri located in Piazza Solferino is by Giovanni Riva and dates back to 1930.

The Torre Solferino is one of the best known high rise buildings of the city.


In 2004, two glass and steel atriums were placed in the square. These were to provide information for tourists and were especially intended for the 2006 Winter Olympics. They are called Atrium Città and Atrium 2006 and were designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Piazza Solferino Turin

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