Piazza Sidney Sonnino Rome

The Piazza Sydney Sonnino is located on the right side of the Viale Trastevere, directly after crossing the Ponte Garibaldi in Rome. It is dedicated to a former prime minister of Italy.

Piazza Sidney Sonnino Rome

Piazza Sydney Sonnino Rome
The Torre degli Anguillara and the Casa di Dante.

The main attraction in the Piazza Sonnino is the medieval Palazzo degli Anguillari, with its crenellated tower. The building, which is not open to tourists, is the current seat of the Casa di Dante. This is a rather misleading name, since the great poet never even lived in Rome.

Baron Giorgio Sidney Sonnino (1847-1922) had several government positions, including that of prime minister, around World War I. Sonnino was of Jewish origin, but had a British mother.

Even during Mussolini’s fascist reign, the name of the square was not changed, despite Sonnino’s Jewish background. Naming the square after a Jewish person had also been a recognition of the fact that the first Jews in Rome had mainly settled in Trastevere.

Piazza Sonnino, Rome

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