Piazza Verdi Viterbo

The Piazza Verdi is a square in Viterbo. The most important buildings in the square are the more than one century old theatre and the municipal library of the city.

Piazza Verdi Viterbo

History and description

The Piazza Verdi is also called Piazza del Teatro or Piazza dell’Unione by locals, due to the presence of the Teatro dell’Unione in the square.

Before the square was renamed Piazza Verdi, it was called Piazza San Marco.

The theatrer from which the alternative names are derived was built about 150 years ago by the Roman architect Virginio Vespignani (the court architect of Pope Pius IX). It has been restored many times, but is still used for performances. The biggest reconstruction took place after World War II, when it was heavily damaged by bombings.

The Theatre also houses the Municipal Music School of Viterbo.

The building across the square is the Palazzo Santoro, seat of the municipal library. This building dates back to 1466 and was commissioned by Cardinal Niccolo Fortiguerra.

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 01100 – Viterbo

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