Piazza Viminale Fountain Rome

The Piazza Viminale Fountain is located in the square in front of the building of the same name in the Monti district in Rome. The fountain was constructed in the first half of the 20th century, more or less at the same time as the building itself.

Piazza Viminale Fountain Rome

Opening hours and admission

Piazza Viminale Fountain Rome
Piazza Viminale Fountain

The Piazza Viminale Fountain can be viewed at any moment of the day. Metro: Repubblica. Bus: 70, 71 (stop: Viminale).

History and description

The fountain in the Piazza del Viminale was designed in 1929 by Publio Morbiducci. It is placed directly between the two ramps leading up to the building itself.

The fountain consists of a rectangular tub with a smaller central tub resting on a foundation. The water squirts out of two round elements.

The foundation is decorated with the three mountains that form the coat-of-arms of the rione Monti, the Capitoline Wolf and a crown the points of which end in small towers.

Piazza del Viminale

Piazza del Viminale Rome
Piazza del Viminale

The Piazza del Viminale itself was constructed in the same period. In order for this to be possible, a convent needed to be demolished first. The anatomy museum in this convent was moved to the, then also newly built, Città Universitaria.

Address and public transport

Address: Piazza del Viminale – Rome. The nearest bus stop is Viminale (lines 70, 71).

Piazza Viminale Fountain, Rome

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