Piazza XX Settembre Pisa

The Piazza XX Settembre is the square on the south side of the famous Ponte di Mezzo bridge over the river Arno in Pisa. Because of the presence of the town hall, it is also called Piazza del Comune by the inhabitants of the city.

Piazza XX Settembre Pisa

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Always open, always free.

History and description

The Piazza XX Settembre is the square at the end of Corso Italia, where this main street reaches the river. The name of the square refers to the date on which the Italian troops invaded Rome at Porta Pia and forced the Papal State to surrender.

The building on the west side of the square is the Palazzo Gambacorti, which serves as the town hall. This Gothic-style building can be recognised by the inscriptions and coats of arms adorning the fa├žade. Through the atrium one can enter the courtyard, where 15th century columns and more coats of arms can be seen.

The clock tower is part of the Palazzo Pretorio, seat of the municipal library.

The Logge di Banchi is the building on the south side of Piazza XX Settembre. When it was built, in the 17th century, it served as a wool and silk market. Later grain was added.

Piazza XX Settembre Pisa

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