Piazzale Garibaldi Rome

Piazzale Garibaldi is a square on the top of the Janiculum hill in Rome. It is famous because of the gorgeous view it offers over almost the entire city. The central equestrian statue depicts Garibaldi himself.

Piazzale Garibaldi Rome

How to get there

There are two, equally picturesque, ways to reach the Piazzale Garibaldi on foot. The first on is from the Trastevere district itself. Take any street or alley in a western direction and keep going uphill. You will automatically end up at the Piazzale. The second way is from Saint Peter’s Basilica. Follow the Viale delle Mura Aureliane, again till you come to the square. If you do not feel like walking up, you can take the electric 115 bus. The square is always open, but the view is at its best toward sunset.

History and description

The Janiculum Hill was outside the first city walls built to protect Rome. It was not until the 17th century, when the Mura Gianicolense were constructed, that the hill was included.

In 1949 the Gianicolo formed the background of battles between Italy’s freedom fighters and the French troops. After the Risorgimento the Piazzale Garibaldi and the surroundings streets were filled with statues and other monuments commemorating these fights.

The enormous statue in the middle of the square depicts Garibaldi himself and was made in 1895 by the scuptor Emilio Gallori.

There is also a smaller monument, at the edge of the square. This is dedicated to Anita Garibaldi. It was sculpted in 1932 by Mario Rutelli. Anita is buried inside the monument.

If you happen to be there around noon, you should go to the edge of the square. Looking down, you will see a small terrace. Every day at midday a cannon is fired from here.

The most interesting way down is by following the Passeggiata del Gianicolo, which will lead you past the Fontanone and the Church of San Pietro in Montorio. The Fontanone, or Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, is the fountain in the opening scene of the movie La Grande Bellezza, which is so beautiful that a tourist gets a heart attack.

Piazzale Garibaldi, Rome

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