Piazzale Mazzini Ariccia

One of the highlights of a visit to Ariccia is without doubt the view from the Piazzale Mazzini. This square is located just inside the Porta Romana city gate and offers a panorama that, weather permitting, stretches all the way to Rome itself.

Piazza Mazzini Ariccia

Useful information

Address: Piazzale Mazzini – Ariccia. Opening times: Always open, especially beautiful at sunset. Ticket price: Free.

History and description

The Piazzale Mazzini is located at the end of the main street Corso Garibaldi. Not counting the view, its main point of interest is the column dedicated to Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872). Mazzini was an important figure in the movement that led to the Unification of Italy.

The view over the valley below with Rome, and even the sea, in the background is enhanced by the battlements on the old city walls and the Porta Romana.

Piazza Mazzini Ariccia