Pietralata district Rome (Tiburtina Station)

Pietralata is named for the Via Pietralata and is the 21st quartiere of the city of Rome. The name is of Latin origin and refers to the “big stones” because of the tufo and other kinds of volcanic stone found in this part of the city.

Pietralata district Rome (Q. XXI)

The are is situated in the north-eastern part of Rome. The city’s second railway station, Tiburtina, is also located in the area. Tiburtina is the railway station where most night trains arrive and also the home base for the international bus company Flixbus.

It is one of the 12 borgate ufficiali created by Mussolini between the years 1924 and 1937. The borgate ufficiali were districts outside the city center, where people were moved who used to live in areas where the fascist building fever was at its highest, like the Campidoglio. These houses were nicknamed the 7 lire houses, since they were built for very little money and lacked fresh water, bathrooms and kitchen.

Pietralata district Rome map

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