Pieve di Santa Cristina in Semproniano

The Romanesque style former Pieve di Santa Cristina Church in the suburb of Rochette di Fazio of Semproniano is now private property. It used to be run by the Order of the Templars.

Pieve di Santa Cristina in Semproniano

Useful information

Address: Rochette di Fazio, Semproniano. The former church is now private property and can only be views from outside.

History and description

Pieve di Santa Cristina in Semproniano
Pieve di Santa Cristina

The Pieve di Santa Cristina was originally built in a Romanesque style. It was constructed for the Templar Order.

Centuries of neglect, starting from the 17th century onwards, resulted in a final deconsecration towards the mid-20th century. The building was subsequently divided into units and sold for private use.

Legend holds that a Templar knight, together with his horse, his sword and a substantial treasure, used to be buried in the crypt.

What to see

Pieve di Santa Cristina Semproniano (Templar cross)
Templar cross

The Templar cross is still visible above the arch of the portal. The rose window in the facade is also aleft-over from the ancient church.

Pieve di Santa Cristina, Rochette di Fazio

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