Pieve di Sant’Andrea Pistoia

The Pieve di Sant’Andrea is a church in Pistoia. It stands directly opposite the historic Palazzo Fabroni. This church already existed in the 7th century. Its style is reminiscent of that of several churches in Pisa.

Pieve di Sant’Andrea Pistoia

Useful Information

The address of the Pieve di Sant’Andrea is Via Sant’Andrea – 51100 Pistoia (tel. +39 057321912). Opening times: From 08:00 till 18:00. Admission: Free.

Pieve di Sant'Andrea Pistoia façade

History and description

The Chiesa di Sant’Andrea was probably built in the 7th century, during a period of Lombard domination. The present church, however, is largely the result of a reconstruction towards the middle of the 12th century, followed by later smaller restorations and alterations.

The facade is built in a style reminiscent of churches in Pisa and is decorated with statues of lions.

Pieve di Sant'Andrea Pistoia decoration facade
Decoration of the architrave.

The architrave above the portal depicts the “Journey of the Three Kings.” The makers are Gruamonte, Enrico and Adeodato.

The badly damaged head sculpted on the column to the right of the portal is that of Musetto II, king of the Balearic Islands, who was defeated by a sea captain from Pistoia.

The interior, rebuilt in the 13th century, consists of three naves and an apse.

Highlights Pieve di Sant’Andrea Pistoia

The pulpit made by Giovanni Pisano (1301) is adorned by images depicting the “Life of Jesus” and “The Last Judgment.”

Pisano was also responsible for the wooden crucifix and the statue of Sant’Andrea. Incidentally, this statue was first located on the façade, where it has been replaced by a copy.

Pieve di Sant’Andrea Pistoia

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