Province of Pisa travel guide

Although nobody will hear the name Pisa without immediately thinking of the famous Leaning Tower, there are many other interesting attractions in the surrounding area. The provincial capital has much more to see than just the tower and towns like San Miniato and, especially Volterra, are tourist attractions in themselves.

Province of Pisa travel guide


The capital of the province is Pisa. This city used to be an important maritime port. This can be seen in several of the main attractions, which show influences from different architectures around the Mediterranean. The most important tourist sights (Leaning Tower, Baptistery and Cathedral) are located in the main square Campo dei Miracoli. The most important museum is the Museo di San Matteo.


Although the city was originally founded by the Etruscans, the historic center of Volterra is mostly characterized by medieval buildings. There are two city walls, an Etruscan one and a medieval one, the first one, which contains the Porta dell’Arco being the more impressive one of the two. Other highlights are the Palazzo dei Priori and the Palazzo Minucci.

Province of Pisa

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