Pizzofalcone neighborhood Naples

The Pizzofalcone neighborhood in Naples is part of the official San Ferdinando district. It is on this hill that the first settlement of Parthenone, which was to develop into Neapolis, was founded, in the 8th century BC. The neighborhood is located between the Borgo Antico di Santa Lucia and the Chiaia district.

Pizzofalcone neighborhood Naples

History and description

Pizzofalcone Naples (ramp)
The steep ramp to the top of Pizzofalcone.

The hill Pizzofalcone is located on is also known as Monte di Dio. The name Pizzofalcone was coined by Charles I of Anjou after he had a falconry constructed on the top of the hill.

The most striking part of Pizzofalcone is the Salita Echia, which offers a beautiful view over the Borgo and the Gulf of Naples.

The main attractions in the area are the Santa Maria degli Angeli Church, the Santa Maria Eguzuaca Church, the Nunziatella Church, the Villa Ebe and the Politeama Theater.

The Gran Quartiere di Pizzofalcone at the top of the hill is now named the police barracks Caserma Nino Bixio. The Nunziatella Church is part of a military school complex.

The last attraction on the hill top is the Monte Echia Archaeological Site with the ruins of the Villa di Licinio Lucullo and a view over the Gulf of Naples.

To reach Pizzofalcone you can take the lift to Via Chiaia or climb the steep Pizzofalcone ramps from the Via Chiatamone, along which you can admire Villa Ebe.

The Via Gennaro Serra leads to the Piazza Plebiscito.

Useful information

Public transportation: Take the lift from Piazza Santa Maria degli Angeli to Chiaia (van 07:00 tot 21:30 gedurende de week, van 07:30 tot 14:00 op zon- en feestdagen.)

(NB: Tijden kunnen aan veranderingen onderhevig zijn.)

Pizzofalcone neighborhood, Naples

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