Ponte Castel Giubileo Rome

Ponte Castel Giubileo

If one were to sail down the Tiber from the north, the Ponte Castel Giubileo would be the first bridge one were to encounter in Rome.

Ponte Castel Giubileo Rome

Hisotry and description

The Ponte di Castel Giubileo consists of two parts. The first one, built in 1951, being a two-lane viaduct, which is part of the ring-road around Rome known as the G.R.A. (short for Grande Raccordo Anulare). This part was built to connect the Via Flaminia to the Via Salaria, two of Rome’s ancient consular roads.

Next to this viaduct there is a dyke, used to regulate the flow of Tiber, but also as a hydroelectric power plant.

The name of the bridge comes from a small village on a nearby hill, where the Castel Giubileo is located. This castle either got its name from an influential family in this village, the Giubilei, or from the fact that Pope Bonifacio VIII had acquired the castle with money obtained through the Jubilee in the year 1300.

Between 2006 and 2008 e new viaduct was constructed next to the original bridge. This steel viaduct also has a bicycle path. After its construction the original bridge has become the ramp for the ring-road.

Ponte Castel Giubileo, Rome

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