Ponte Cavour Rome

Ponte Cavour is one of the more central bridges in Rome and connects the Prati neighborhood (Lungotevere dei Mellini) to the rione Campo Marzio (Piazza del Porto di Ripetta).

Ponte Cavour Rome

History and description

Construction of the Ponte Cavour has a lot to do with the Unification of Italy and the subsequent choice of Rome as the capital city of the country. Prati became a residential area, which caused the need for a connection between that district and Campo Marzio, the area where most of the public institutions were located.

Ponte Cavour was named in honor of Count Camillo Benso Cavour, politician and one of the most important characters in the realization of Italy’s unification.

The bridge, which is 110m long and has a width of 20m, consists of 5 arches and substituted the so-called Passerella di Ripetta, which had been built in 1878.

Construction was begun in 1896 and took 5 years to complete. The architect was Angelo Vescovali.

Ponte Cavour – Rome

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