Ponte di Cecco Ascoli Piceno

Ponte di Cecco Ascoli Piceno

The Ponte di Cecco is an ancient Roman bridge over the river Castellano in Ascoli Piceno. In the middle ages, it was thought that the devil himself had had a hand in its construction.

Ponte di Cecco Ascoli Piceno

Useful information

The bridge connects the Forte Malatesta and the Museum of the Early Middle Ages to the Piazzale Done Benvenuto Cantalamessa.

History and description

Ponte di Cecco Ascoli Piceno
Ponte di Cecco

It was from the Ponte di Cecco, built in the late Republican period, that the Via Salaria (the “salt road”) led to Rome.

The bridge is lined with dimension stone blocks and is 25 meters higher than the water level of the river. The two arches of the bridge have different dimensions.

In 1944, the Ponte di Cecco was destroyed by retreating German troops. It was reconstructed in 1971, with the original travertine marble.

The name of the bridge is due to a medieval legend, which claims that the bridge was built in one day. The builder is said to have been Francesco Stabili, a famous physician, astrologer and poet, whose nickname was Cecco. Incidentally, he is also said to have received some help from the devil. In 1327 the good man was condemned to the stake for heresy in Florence.

Ponte di Cecco Ascoli Piceno

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