Ponte del Diavolo Venice

The Ponte del Diavolo is a bridge over the central canal running through the island of Torcello in Venice. It is one of the few bridges in the city that has no railing.

Ponte del Diavolo Venice

History and description

Ponte del Diavolo Venice
Ponte del Diavolo

The Ponte del Diavolo is located at a central point along the Canal Maggiore of Torcello. This bridge connects the inhabited part of the island with the part where vegetables are grown.

Together with the Ponte Chiodo in the Cannaregio district, it is the only bridge in the city that has no balustrade. A possible reason for this is that fist fights used to be organized on this bridge. The loser ended up in the water.

According to an ancient legend, at full moon one can see the devil himself in the form of a black cat on this bridge.

The Ponte del Diavolo was built in the 15th century.

Devil’s Bridge, Venice

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