Ponte dell’Industria Rome

Ponte dell'Industria Rome

The Ponte dell’Industria in Rome connects the Via del Porto Fluviale (Ostiense district) to the Via Antonio Pacinotti (Portuense) in Rome. Its original name was the Ponte San Paolo. In October 2021 the bridge partly burned down. It will probably take about a year to rebuild it.

Ponte dell’Industria Rome

History and description

Ponte dell'Industria Rome
Ponte dell’Industria

The Ponte dell’Industria was built between 1862 and 1863 in order to connect Rome‘s then new railway station Roma Termini to the harbor of Civitavecchia. Until that time the Civitavecchia line had stopped at Rome‘s former river port, Ripa Grande.

The company that constructed the bridge was Belgian, but all work itself was actually done in England, from where the various parts were shipped to Rome.

In 1911 the bridge was reconstructed with the aim to allow cars to pass on top of it and to accommodate the gas pipeline.

The bridge, which is also known as the ponte di ferro (iron bridge), has a length of more than 103m and a width of 7m and consists of three arches.

Ponte dell’Industria, Rome

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