Ponte delle Torri Spoleto

The Ponte delle Torri (“Bridge of the Towers”) is easily the most impressive tourist attraction of Spoleto. It spans the width of the valley bordering the city and was built toward the end of the middle ages. Part of the bridge serves as a conduit for the aqueduct.

Ponte delle Torri Spoleto

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Ponte delle Torri

Address: Via Giro del Ponte – Spoleto. It is very easy to reach the bridge. Wherever you find yourself in the city, just keep walking uphill and you will automatically come to the castle (Rocca Albernoz). Turn left and you will come to the bridge. At the moment (June 2020) the Ponte delle Torri can not be used.

History and description

The so-called Ponte delle Torri connects the Colle della Rocca and Monteluca. It was built in either the 13th or the 14th century. If the latter is true, its construction was probably part of renovations commissioned by Albernoz.

Its length is 230 meters and at its highest point it reaches 76 meters. Nine pillars and 10 enormous arches made of local limestone connect the two hills. The two rooms above the central pillars probably served as watchtowers.

It partly served as an aqueduct, leading water to the highest parts of the city. Of course it also provided a quick connection to the Fortilizio dei Mulini across the valley, which formed the first defense of the city.

Ponte delle Torri, Spoleto

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