Ponte Flaminio Rome

Ponte Flaminio Rome

The Ponte Flaminio in Rome is a relatively new bridge and connects the Roman districts of Parioli and Tor Di Quinto. The Corso di Francia runs over the Ponte Flaminio, which has a length of more than 250m and a width of 27m.

Ponte Flaminio Rome

History and description

Ponte Flaminio Rome
Ponte Flaminio

In 1930, after it had become obvious that the Ponte Milvio was no longer able to cope with the ever larger amounts of traffic from the Via Cassia and the Via Flaminia in the north, it was decided to construct a new and bigger bridge.

Construction was finally started in 1938 and finished in 1961, after Mussolini himself had made some changes in the original design by Armando Brasini.

Ponte Flaminio consists of five arches and has a wide footpath on each side. The pillars on the sides carry lanterns and eagles.

Initially the Ponte Flaminio was to be called the XXVIII Ottobre Bridge, this being the date of the March on Rome.

Ponte Flaminio, Rome

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