Ponte Gregoriano Tivoli

The Ponte Gregoriano connects the center of Tivoli with the Villa Gregoriana. This bridge offers a magnificent panorama of the acropolis, with the Tempio di Vesta and the Tempio della Sibilla.

Ponte Gregoriano Tivoli

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Ponte Gregoriano Tivoli
Ponte Gregoriano

Address: Via di Ponte Gregoriano, 36 – 00019 – Tivoli. The bridge can be viewed from the outside.

History and description

The Ponte Gregoriano was built on the site of a former waterfall. Its construction had become necessary after the Aniene River flooded in 1826 and caused disaster.

In 1835 the consecration, by Pope Gregory XVI, took place.

In 1944 the bridge was destroyed by German troops, but it was rebuilt after the war.

Today, the Ponte Gregoriano consists of one arch with a length of 20 meters.

Since a couple of years ago, water has again been allowed to flow under the bridge again.

Standing on the Ponte Gregorio one has a magnificent panorama of the Acropolis.

First Sunday in May

When the bridge was inaugurated, during a procession an effigy of the Madonna di Quintiliolo was carried to the San Lorenzo Cathedral. Since then, this event is repeated every year. A ritual blessing of the waters of the Aniene also takes place from the bridge.

Ponte Gregoriano, Tivoli

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