Ponte Matteotti Rome

The Ponte (Giacomo) Matteotti was constructed with the purpose of connecting two of Rome‘s most important and prestigious neighborhoods, the rione Prati and the quartiere Flaminio.

Ponte Matteotti Rome

History and description

The Ponte Matteotti consists of three brickwork arches, is almost 140m in length and has a width of 20m.

The Ponte Matteotti was built in 1924 and took 5 years to finish, to be inaugurated on April 21 of that year, as the Ponte del Littorio. The architect was Augusto Antonelli.

The original name referred to an Italian infantry division and has clear fascist overtones. After World War II the bridge was therefore renamed for a Socialist deputy who, in 1924, had been kidnapped and killed by Italian far-right thugs after having openly accused the fascists of corruption during the elections of that year.

Ponte Matteotti Rome

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