Ponte di Paradosso Viterbo

The Ponte di Paradosso is a bridge in Viterbo and connects the two oldest districts of the city, San Pellegrino and Pianoscarano.

Ponte di Paradosso Viterbo

History and description

Ponte di Paradosso Viterbo
Ponte di Paradosso

The Ponte di Paradosso is a bridge over the Fosso del Mola, a small river that separates the districts of Pianoscarano and San Pellegrino.

It is not possible to say for sure where the Ponte di Paradosso (“Bridge of Paradox”) got its name. Some people think it has nothing to do with a paradox, but that it is a corruption of the word paratia, large wooden planks that were used to divert the water for the irrigation of gardens and the functioning of water mills.

It was at this bridge that the funari (craftsmen who made rope from hemp) did their work.

According to a legend, there used to be a ghost called Trucche Trucche who occasionally appeared under the bridge.

Ponte di Paradosso, Viterbo

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