Ponte del Risorgimento Rome

The Ponte Risorgimento in Rome was built in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. It connects the Lungotevere delle Armi and Piazza Monte Grappa in the quartiere Della Vittoria to the Piazzale delle Belle Arti in the Flaminio district.

Ponte del Risorgimento Rome

History and description

Ponte del Risorgimento Rome
Ponte del Risorgimento

The Ponte del Risorgimento was designed by Francois Hennebique.

Construction of the Ponte Risorgimento started in 1909 and was finished in 1911, just in time for the Royal Procession in occasion of the opening of the 1911 Exhibition of Art and Ethnography.

The bridge, which consists of one single arch, was the first in Italy to be made of reinforced concrete.

Ponte del Risorgimento – Rome

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