Ponte Rotto Rome (The “Broken Bridge”)

Ponte Rotto

The Ponte Rotto (“Broken Bridge”) in Rome is the modern name of what used to be the ancient Ponte Trionfale.

Ponte Rotto Rome

History and description

Ponte Rotto
The “Broken Bridge”

The Ponte Trionfale was constructed by Nero in order to connect the Circus of Nero (Circo di Nerone), then near what is now the Vatican, with what was at the time known as the Campo Marzio, which is not to be confused with the rione nowadays known as Campo Marzio. Get it?

The bridge was called Trionfale, because the Via Trionfale (which later became the Via Sacra) led across it. The Via Trionfale was called thus, because it was the street through which the soldiers marched back to Rome after yet another victory on the battlefield.

Ponte Rotto (fragment)
Ponte Rotto (fragment)

The Ponte Rotto was destroyed in the 6th century as a defensive measure against the Ostrogoths. After its destruction the only bridge giving entrance to the city was the Pons Aelius.

The ruins of the Ponte Rotto (Pons Ruptus, in Latin) can sometimes be seen, but only during low tide. The former bridge is located near the Ponte Palatino.

Ponte Rotto, Rome

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