Ponte San Martino & Torre di Guardia Tivoli

The Torre dei Guardia (“Guard Tower”) had to protect the bridge to the Citadel of Tivoli during the Middle Ages. This bridge was called Ponte San Martino and connected the Citadel to the rest of the city.

Torre Di Guardia & Ponte San Martino Tivoli

Useful information

Address: Via della Sibilla, 35 – 00019 Tivoli.

History and description

Ponte San Martino Tivoli
Ponte San Martino

From the bridge, one can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view that includes the Santuario di Quintiliolo and the medieval neighborhood with the tower of the former Santa Caterina Monastery.

The ditch over which the tower used to watch is now used for electricity and gas lines.

Ponte San Martino en Torre di Guardia, Tivoli

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