Ponte Tor Di Quinto Rome

The Ponte Tor di Quinto forms a part of the Via del Foro Italico in Rome, and connects the Parioli and Tor di Quinto districts of Rome.

Ponte Tor Di Quinto Rome

History and description

Apart from the Ponte di Castel San Giubileo the Ponte di Tor di Quinto is Rome’s northernmost bridge. It was constructed in 1960 in occasion of the Olympic Games held in the city that year.

It is named after the tower that stands exactly 5 miles (Quinto meaning “5th”) from the Porta Ratumena.

The Ponte Tor di Quinto is slightly longer than 71m and has a width of 27m. It consists of seven arches of reinforced concrete.

Ponte Tor di Quinto, Rome

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