Porta Capuana Napels

The Porta Capuana used to be the main gateway to Naples. It was built toward the end of the fifteenth century and was at the time located at the beginning of the road leading to Capua.

Porta Capuana Naples

History and description

Porta Capuana Naples
Porta Capuana

The Porta Capuana was also the most beautifully decorated of all the gates in the city’s defensive wall. The beautiful white marble arch dates back to 1484 and was made by Giuliano da Maiano. The commissionet for its construction was King Ferdinand of Aragon.

The two towers on either side of the gate are called Onore and Virtù (“Honor” and “Virtue”.

The central part of the gate features the coat of arms of Charles V, who visited the city in 1535.

Porta Capuana – Piazza E. De Nicola, Napoli

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