Porta di Castello and Matilde di Canosso Tower Tarquinia

The 15th century Porta di Castello is a gate that used to be part of the defense system at the entrance to the castle of Tarquinia. Once through the gate, a walled alley leads to the so-called Torrione di Matilde di Canossa.

Porta di Castello and Matilde di Canossa Tower Tarquinia

Address, opening times and ticket price

The gate is located in the Via Porta di Castello, Tarquinia. The monument can be viewed from outside and is free.

History and description

Porta di Castello Tarquinia
Porta di Castello

The commissioner of the construction of the Porta di Castello was Cardinal Giovanni Vitelleschi, who wanted to shield the castle from the urban expansion. Construction took four years, from 1435 to 1439.

Two towers on either side of the gate are connected by a high wall with a walkway on top, a construction that was known as a resecata.

The "resecata" and the Torrione Matilde di Canossa.
Torrione Matilde di Canossa

The large round tower that stands behind the gate is called Torrione detto di Matilde di Canossa. It was in this tower that the Countess Matilde di Canossa sought to resolve disputes between inhabitants of the city as early as 1080.

The battlements on the tower were added much later.

After walking along the Torrione one arrives at the road that leads to the Santa Maria in Castello Church.

Torrione di Matilde di Canossa

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