Porta dei Pispini Siena

The Porta dei Pispini is a magnificent gate in the most recently constructed city wall of Siena. A fresco that used to decorate the gate can now be seen in the San Francesco Basilica. Next to the gate you can see a small fortress incorporated into the wall.

Porta dei Pispini Siena

Useful information

The monument is situated in the Via dei Pispini. It can be viewed from outside.

Porta dei Pispini Siena
Porta dei Pispini

History and description

The Porta Pispini was constructed in the early 14th century. The design was by Minucci di Rinaldo. Like the Porta Romana, it was part of the last defensive wall built around the city.

An earlier version was known as the Porta di San Viene. In 1107, the remains of Sant’Ansano were returned to the Montaperti neighborhood where the saint had been martyred. His remains were therefore returned to da dove il santo viene (“where the saint comes from”).

The gate used to be decorated with a fresco depeicting the “Nativity”, painted by Il Sodomo. This fresco was later moved to the Basilica of San Francesco.

Fortino dei Pispini

The small semi-circular bulwark outside the gate is called the Fortino dei Pispini. It is incorporated into the wall and was designed by Baldassarre Peruzzi in the 16th century. The construction consists of three floors.

Porta dei Pispini Siena

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