Porta del Borgo Montefiascone

The Porta del Borgo is the main entrance to the historical center of Montefiascone in the province of Viterbo. Construction of the gate was commissioned in the 14th century, by Cardinal Pompeo Aldrovandi.

Porta del Borgo Montefiascone

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Porta del Borgo Montefiascone
Porta del Borgo

Address: The Porta del Borgo is located at the end of the Corso Cavour. The monument can be viewed from outside.

History and description

The architect responsible for the design of the monumental Porta del Borgo was Domenico Gregorini. He had been commissioned to do so by Cardinal Pompeo Aldrovandi.

Gregorini was originally from Rome. Beside the Porta del Borgo, he also worked on other buildings in Montefiascone, including elements of the Cathedral and a renovation of the medieval San Flaviano Church. His most prestigious job, however, was a renovation of the Santa Croce in Gerusalemme Basilica in Rome.

Cardinal Aldovrandi was bishop of Montefiascone from 1734 to 1752.

A plaque, placed between the coat of arms of the Cardinal and the one of Pope Benedict XIV, tells the story of the monument in brief. It claims that the cardinal, under the reign of Pope Benedict XIV, in 1944, had a more splendid gate built in this street, the traffic on which was also made smoother through the construction of a new bridge.

The ancient Roman road through the city was also changed in order to make it travel through the new gate.

Porta del Borgo, Montefiascone

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