Porta Felice Palermo

The Porta Felice is a city gate at the end of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo. Just like the Porta Nuova at the other end, it is characterized by its two different facades.

Porta Felice Palermo

History and description

The Porta Felice was constructed after the viceroy Marcantonio Colonna had had the Corso Vittorio Emanuele prolonged to the sea. Before, the Corso only reached as far as the Portosalvo Church.

The gate was named for Felice Orsini, the viceroy’s wife. The first stone was laid on July 6th, 1582.

Just like the Porta Nuova at the other end of the main street, the two facades of the Porta Felice are completely different. The inside one is characterized by a mannerist architecture, while the one on the port side is more Baroque in style. The latter is characterized by enormous columns and canephoras (a caryatid supporting a basket on her head).

The two statues on the left corner represents Santa Cristina, the one on the right Santa Ninfa.

The marble decorations were added by Nicolò Travaglia.

Porta Felice, Palermo

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