Porta Fiorentina Viterbo

The Porta Fiorentina is an ancient city gate in Viterbo. As the name suggests, it was the gate through which people arriving from Florence used to enter the city. Porta Fiorentina is also the name of the second railway station of the city.

Porta Fiorentina Viterbo

Address and opening hours

Interior of Porta Fiorentina Viterbo
Porta Fiorentina (interior)

The Porta Fiorentina is located close to the ancient castle of Viterbo, the Rocca Albernoz, which also houses the Etruscan Museum of the city. This gate can be visited from the outside.

History and description

The Porta Fiorentina was originally called the Porta Santa Lucia and when notables used to visit Viterbo they usually entered the city through this gate.

The plaque on the outside of the gate says that it was “elegantly built by Pope Clement XIII in 1768″. In reality, however, it was a wealthy resident of the city, Francesco Selvi, whose money was used for its construction.

In 1886 the Cassa di Risparmio di Viterbo financed the opening of the two side arches, as indicated (in Latin) on the two plaques on the sides. These were necessary to facilitate traffic into and out of the city.

After the war, a major restoration was needed.

A new pedestrian entrance was added in 1988.

In addition to the coat of arms of Pope Clement, those of Bishop Giacomo Oddi and Governor Lo Presti can be seen above the door of the gate. The coat of arms of Viterbo itself is attached below the other three.

Porta Fiorentina, Viterbo

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