Porta Fiorita Viterbo

The Porta Fiorita is located near the Porta San Pietro in Viterbo. Having been bricked up in the 15th century, the city gate has been open again since 1985. It is only accessible to pedestrians.

Porta Fiorita Viterbo

Address and opening times

Porta Fiorita Viterbo
Porta Fiorita

The Porta Fiorita is located in the Via di Porta Fiorita. The city gate can be viewed from the outside.

History and description

Porta Fiorita Viterbo (outside)
The Porta Fiorita on the outside

The Porta Fiorita is the oldest city gate in the Pianoscarano district of Viterbo. In the 15th century, when the street level was lowered and it became difficult for animals and carts to enter the city here, the gate was bricked up and replaced by the Porta San Pietro.

At some point the bricked up gate was painted white. A tile, with a painting of the Madonna della Quercia, was placed in its center.

Since 1985 the Porta Fiorita has been reopened as part of larger restoration works on the walls of the city. The tile was removed and placed next to the gate.

Porta Fiorita Viterbo

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