Porta Gemina Ascoli Piceno (or Porta Romana)

The Porta Gemina is a city gate in Ascoli Piceno. It is also called the Porta Romana.

Porta Gemina Ascoli Piceno

Useful information

Address: Corner of Largo Porta Romana and Via Treviri. the monument can be seen from outside.

History and description

Porta Gemina Ascoli Piceno
Porta Romana (or Porta Gemina)

The Porta Romana used to be the entrance into the city for people entering Ascoli Piceno from the Via Salaria. The Via Salaria, which still exists, was the ancient Roman consular road constructed to transport salt to Rome.

The gate was built in the 1st century BC. There used to be another gate built by the Picenes, which had however been destroyed by the Roman general Gneo Pompeo Strabone.

In the Middle Ages, the gate was incorporated into the defensive wall. In the process, it was narrowed and only one arch remained, partly due to the construction of a small church between the outer, medieval, and the already existing Roman wall.

In the 19th century, the gate was rediscovered along the wall leading to the Fortezza Pia.

The gate is 6.75 meters high and 9.47 meters wide. Its two restored arches are separated by a square pillar, 1.80 meters thick.

Porta Gemina, Ascoli Piceno

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