Porta Pia Ancona

The Porta Pia is a large city gate in the port area of Ancona. It serves as the entrance gate to the ancient Lazzaretto, a fortress on an artificial island, where the besetting sick were kept in quarantine.

Porta Pia Ancona

Useful information

Porta Pia (Ancona)
The facade on the coast side.

Address: Largo Caduti sul Mare, 27 – Ancona. The monument can be seen from outside.

History and description

The Porta Pia was built towards the end of the 18th century. It was constructed to celebrate the opening of the coastal road leading to Piazza Garibaldi.

The gate, built in a baroque style, is named after Pope Pius VI and was the last honorary gate built in Ancona.

The architects were Filippo Marchionni and Scipione Alfiere Daretti. They created a gate with a double facade. On the seaward side it is made of the white stone from Istria, while the other side, facing the city, is made of the volcanic tuff.

A plaque under the arch refers to the liberation from papal rule by the troops of General Cialdini.

The gate is located in the center of the port area and forms the entrance to the Mole Valvitelliana.

Porta Pia, Ancona

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