Porta Portese 2 flea market Rome

The Porta Portese 2 (“Due“) flea market in Rome is, like its original, held every Sunday morning between 8 AM and 2 PM. The merchandise includes everything from the smallest household articles and big wardrobes to used books, vinyl and vintage clothing. It is also sometimes called Porta Portese Togliatti or Porta Portese Est.

Porta Portese 2 Flea Market Rome

Useful information

Address: Viale Palmiro Togliatti, Piazzale Pino Pascali, Via Collatina – Rome. Only on Sundays from 07:00 till 14:00. Tram: 14.

History and description

Although the original is, thanks to its picturesque location and longevity, far more famous than the new version, there are advantages to visiting Porta Portese Two instead of the one in Trastevere. Not the least of this is that the objects tend to be cheaper. Also, you will not be crowded by tourists like yourself.

Porta Portese Due is located along the Viale Palmiro Togliatti and the via Collatina, far from the center of Rome.

Porta Portese 2 flea market Rome

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