Porta Pretoria Albano Laziale

The Porta Pretoria is a ruin of an ancient Roman city gate in Albano Laziale. It is located in what is now the center of the city, diagonally opposite the entrance to the city’s current town hall, Palazzo Savelli.

Porta Pretoria Albano Laziale

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

The monument is in the open air and can be visited for free at any time of the day. The address is Via Alcide De Gasperi, Albano Laziale, Italy.


Porta Pretoria Albano Laziale
Porta Pretoria

The Porta Pretoria was built on a square foundation. This foundation supports parallelepipeds made of the stone type peperino with a height of 14 and a width of 36 meters.

The gate consists of three arches protected on the sides by two front sections composed of square towers. It is divided into two floors.

The pediment is located on the side of the, lower, Via Appia and was decorated with architectonic elements and statues made of marble. Of the latter, only some fragments remain today.

The main entrance on the left is also formed by three arches and a side door. The central one of the three arches is well preserved and is larger than the other two. These side gates were both bricked up during the Middle Ages.

Porta Pretoria, Albano Laziale