Porta Romana Florence

The Porta Romana is the southernmost city gate in the ancient walls of Florence. Even today it is still an important gateway to the historic center of the city.

Porta Romana Florence

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The Porta Romana is located at the point where Via dei Serragli and Via Romana meet. It can be visited for free at any time of the day.


Porta Romana Florence
Porta Romana

The Porta Romana was built in 1326. The gate was part of the last part of the city wall. The name is explained by the fact that it is at this gate that the road to Rome started.

In the course of time, the gate often had to be rebuilt and adapted. Like the other city gates it had to be lowered to be less vulnerable to gunfire.

In the 19th century some smaller openings were made on both sides of the Porta Romana itself. This facilitated access for both coaches and people.

The gate is well preserved. Since 1998 it is possible to climb the stretch of wall between the Porta Romana and the Piazza Tasso. You can also visit the large hall on the first floor of the gate.


Above the large arch is a fresco painted by Franciabigio. It depicts the “Madonna with Child and Four Saints”.

From the windows of the above room on the first floor one has a beautiful view over the Boboli Gardens.

The large beaters with the old locks are still attached to the gate.

Porta Romana, Florence

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