Porta di Sant’Antonio Perugia

The Porta di Sant’Antonio in Perugia is also called the Cassero di Sant’Antonio and is located in what remains of the ancient walls of the Porta Sole Fortress.

Porta di Sant’Antonio Perugia

History and Description

Porta Sant'Antonio Perugia
Porta Sant’Antonio

Opened in 1374, the gate took the place of an earlier entrance to the city that used to be located in the medieval walls on the north side of Perugia.

This earlier gate had been constructed in 1273.

The gate is named after the nearby Sant’Antonio Abate Church.

The brick walls on the outside of the gate belong to the 16th century defensive wall.

In 1859, the army from Piedmont entered the city here to liberate Perugia from ecclesiastical power.


Not far from the Porta di Sant’Antonio, in Via Pompili, the Etruscan tomb of the Cutu was discovered in 1983. It is now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Perugia.

Porta Sant’Antonio, Perugia

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