Porta Santa Margherita Perugia

The Porta Santa Margherita is a gate in the medieval fortress wall of Perugia. It is located on the Via Bonaccia and is named after an ancient nunnery.

Porta Santa Margherita Perugia

Useful information

Address: Via Bonaccia – Perugia. The monument can be viewed from outside.

Porta Santa Margherita Perugia
Porta Santa Margherita

History and Description

After the Middle Ages, the gate was closed for a while. It was reopened in 1821. At the same time, the former provincial insane asylum was founded nearby. This has now been transformed into a complex of schools, university faculties and other public services.

Continuing along the road, one arrives at the deep Santa Margherita ravine, where the briglie di Braccio (“reins of Braccio”), built by Braccio Fortebracci da Montone in the 15th century, are located, which served to fortify the hills of Perugia.

Porta Santa Margherita, Perugia

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