Porta Settimiana Rome

Porta Settimiana Rome

The Porta Settimiana is a gate in the Aurelian Walls in Rome. It indicates the beginning of the Via della Lungara and was built in 1498 by order of Pope Alexander IV.

Porta Settimiana Rome

Porta Settiminana Rome
Porta Settimiana

There was an earlier version of the gate, called the Porta Septimiana, which had been constructed by Settimio Severo in the gardens of his son Settimio Geta, the Hort Getae.

In the middle ages the Via della Lungara was called the Via Recta. It was an important street because it was the quickest connection between the Ripa Grande river harbor of Trastevere and the Vatican.

Porta Settimiana Rome (fresco)

Thanks to the crenellations the Porta Settimiana looks best on the Trastevere side. The other side is characterized by the ivy hanging down its wall.

The frescoes on both sides are severly damaged.

Via della Lungara – Rome

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