Porta Sole Fortress Perugia

The ruins of the Porta Sole Fortress are located on the top of the hill on which Perugia was built. During its construction in the 14th century, an Etruscan acropolis was destroyed. From the ruins, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Porta Sole Fortress Perugia

Useful information

Address: Piazzetta delle Prome.

History and description

Porta Sole Fortress Panoramic view
Panoramic view form the Porta Sole Fortress

The architect was Matteo di Gattapone and the construction decreed by the Abbot of Monmaggiore dates back to 1373. Unfortunately, to build the fortress, they had to destroy the Etruscan acropolis.

The intention was to connect the Cathedral with the castle tower of Sant’Antonio and the Porta San Matteo, which no longer exists today but could be seen about halfway up Corso Garibaldi.

After a popular revolt in 1375, the fortress was almost completely destroyed. Something can still be seen of the giant arches, which support the Piazzetta delle Prome.

To the left of the fortress is the Porta Sant’Angelo district; to the right is Monteluce.

All that remains visible of the Porta Sole Fortress today are the arches supporting the Piazzetta delle Prome and the connecting wall with the Cassero di Sant’Antonio.

From here one can enjoy one of the most beautiful and authentic views of Perugia, though.

Porta Sole Fortress Perugia

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