Porta Solestà Ascoli Piceno

The Porta Solestà is one of the seven city gates that used to give access to Ascoli Piceno in the Middle Ages. It stands at the south side of the Ponte Augusteo bridge, which is also known as Ponte di Porta Solestà or Ponte di Cappuccina.

Porta Solestà Ascoli Piceno

Useful information

The gate is the end point of the Via Elisabetta Trebbiani, the Rua delle Stelle and the Via di Solestà.

History and description

Porta Solestà Ascoli Piceno
Porta Solestà

The Ponte Augusteo dates back to the 1st century BC and used to be the northern entrance to the city.

On the right side of the Porta Solestà is an inscription that says the gate was commissioned by the Podestà of Ascoli in 1230. Previously there was an old Roman gate, of which, however, almost nothing can be seen anymore.

The gate was built primarily to protect Ascoli Piceno from attacks from nearby Fermo. As a result of this rivalry, the inhabitants of Ascoli were forced to build another gate 8 meters closer to the river in 1256. This one was a lot smaller than the first one, but 2.5 meters thick and clearly intended as a defense gate.

After peace was made with Fermo in 1450, at the insistence of the later beatified Giacomo della Marca, an inscription was made on the gate to commemorate this event. In the 16th century this gate was turned into a toll building and in 1880 it was destroyed, after which the inscription was moved to the first gate.

What to see

Cross the bridge, walk on for about 100 meters, and you will see an old-fashioned washing place on your left.

Porta Solestà Ascoli Piceno

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